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A Very Merry Christmas

on December 27, 2012

This Christmas was probably the most fun in a long time.  Carrie seemed to understand the concept of presents and went wild opening them up.  That was a really wonderful thing to experience.  This year we also toned things down a bit.  There are lots of “traditions” that we’ve built up over 10 years of marriage and this year we couldn’t do them all.  The gingerbread house, holiday train layouts, and nightly viewings of Rankin-Bass specials ended up on the chopping block.  We did take Carrie out to see Symphony of Lights at Merriweather in Columbia, and Shadracks Christmas Wonderland at Adventure Park USA here in New Market.  We took her to see the B&O Railroad Museum, and she made sugar cookies and fudge with me.

With the church having four Christmas Eve services, 2 on Sunday and 2 on Monday, we were able to get down to John’s parents’ house for a relaxing afternoon and evening before everyone else arrived the next day.  Watching Carrie squeal over Christmas Lights, snack on sugar cookies, and play with her new toys has been a joy.  I hope next year is just as fun.

Santa Baby gets a new camera from Aunt April.

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