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College Park Aviation Museum

Carrie still has a great love for airplanes, so we took her out to the College Park Aviation Museum.  There is a lot of great stuff there for kids:  crafts, real airplanes that they can “fly”, simulators, crafts, and there are several airplane pedal cars outside.  If you haven’t been there before, it’s a nice little place and very kid friendly.  Every kid in the museum stopped and ran over to the huge hangar door windows each time they could hear an airplane taking off or landing at the runway right next-door.  Click HERE for more pictures!

Carrie makes an airplane fan.

John and Carrie fly a Taylorcraft airplane.

Carrie rides one of the many homebuilt pedal cars. The fenced in area even has a mock-up of Runway 33 which is right next to the museum.


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A Friend’s Birthday Party

Carrie has made lots of friends at her daycare (“school”, as we call it), but there are a couple of boys that she’s been tight with since the very beginning.  We call them “The Rat Pack”.  Gavin, one of the boys, turned 2 recently and had a birthday party at Hoppers — one of those indoor bouncing places.  Carrie was invited and had a GREAT time!  Click HERE for more pictures!

John and Carrie in one of the bounce rooms.

Carrie and the Birthday Boy





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2012 in Review

It’s New Year’s Day 2013; time to take a look back at last year.

Looking through the “My Pictures” folder on this laptop, we definitely did a lot as a family.  We went to the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve a few times (and bought memberships), we visited the Please Touch Museum (and bought a membership).  We went to carnivals, petting zoos, museums, and airports.  We saw planes, trains, animals, and cars.

It was an interesting year at work.  I went from Security SME to PM on the contract I was hired onto in 2011, and this honestly has probably been the most difficult PM spot I’ve ever had. My customer is a challenge, and at times my team is even more of a challenge.  On the bright side, 2012 also saw my graduation from University of Maryland — it took long enough!!  :)

I am a year older.  John is a year older.  Carrie is a year older.

I’m not into New Year’s resolutions because snap judgements in favor of change never work, but this year I want to get things under control a little bit more.  Dinner on the table at a reasonable hour.  Eating meals as a family.  Spending more time with my extended family and friends.  No more laundry marathon Saturdays.

Here’s to a new start for a new year.  I hope that God blesses all of you with peace and contentment.

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