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College Park Aviation Museum

on January 19, 2013

Carrie still has a great love for airplanes, so we took her out to the College Park Aviation Museum.  There is a lot of great stuff there for kids:  crafts, real airplanes that they can “fly”, simulators, crafts, and there are several airplane pedal cars outside.  If you haven’t been there before, it’s a nice little place and very kid friendly.  Every kid in the museum stopped and ran over to the huge hangar door windows each time they could hear an airplane taking off or landing at the runway right next-door.  Click HERE for more pictures!

Carrie makes an airplane fan.

John and Carrie fly a Taylorcraft airplane.

Carrie rides one of the many homebuilt pedal cars. The fenced in area even has a mock-up of Runway 33 which is right next to the museum.


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