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A Birthday Flight

on February 3, 2013

Yesterday was my birthday.  We’ve had so much going on lately that we really didn’t plan anything special, but we did fly up to York, PA for brunch at the airport restaurant.  It’s been about 9 months since we took Carrie up last time (Father’s Day, I think?).  Our friend’s Piper Arrow is small on the inside, so there really was no way to put her carseat in the back without either jacking with John’s ability to fly the plane, or my ability to get Carrie and I out safely if something happened.  While I was in Walmart a couple weeks ago, I passed by a display of automobile booster seats and found the answer:  a booster seat!  While she does meet the minimum height and weight requirements, we would never dream of putting her in a car in a booster yet — so please save the comments.  It’s just a solution for the rare family flights.  Anyway, we had a great brunch and Carrie loved flying!

Carrie looks out the window as we fly north-east.

Of course, Piglet had to come with us.




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