Mother’s Day Camping

Our annual “shake down run” to de-winterize the RV happened back in April.  It was a weekend filled with rain and craziness, but we got the de-winterizing done and were able to make sure everything was in good shape for the camping season.  Our second trip was for Mother’s Day.  Except for a wicked rain storm on Saturday night, it was a great weekend.

We started the weekend with a “Mommy and Me” scavenger hunt.  Carrie and I spent an hour running through the campground like crazy people trying to get selfies of us in front of 20 different landmarks.  We were rewarded with candy.  Yay!  After that, I made steaks with baked potatoes and grilled corn for dinner.

The next morning, I used the leftover baked potatoes and grilled corn, as well as some eggs, cheese, sausage, sour cream, and salsa to make Campfire Breakfast Burritos.  I have previously cooked them over a campfire, but I used my propane griddle this time because we didn’t have a lot of firewood with us.  I initially fried some bacon, then used its grease to heat the sausage and turn cubed baked potatoes into homefries.  Scrambled some eggs, mixed it all up in tortillas, and voila!  If you don’t have one of these portable propane griddles, you need one.  My husband got it for me for Christmas in 2016, and I love it — I have seen them at Walmart and other stores.  They take the standard little green “camping” propane bottles, and have a cast iron cook surface.  The cook surface is big enough to cook an entire pound of bacon, and has a handy little catch pan (teflon coated) for the bacon grease.  I don’t know about you, but I save the spare grease for future cooking. 😉

We visited the splash pad that afternoon, but it was WAY too cold.  We ended up spending some time in the heated pool, although that wasn’t much warmer.  Then Carrie and my husband worked on my Mother’s Day gift (a Lego ship in a bottle).  Can’t wait to put it on my desk at work.

While they finished the ship and had dinner, I hiked up to the pavilion for the Mom’s Only Sip ‘n Paint.

By the time the painting was all done, the rain storm was getting started.  I tried walking back to the site with an umbrella, but my painting was getting wet, so I was able to hitch a ride with one of the campground staff on a covered golf cart.  The sky opened up about 2 minutes after I arrived at the RV, so our time outside was clearly done.  And that meant that I had to do inside s’mores for us to enjoy with a showing of Cars 3 before bedtime.

All in all, it was a great weekend, and a great way to spend Mother’s Day.  And now, I need to start getting ready for our 17-day “School’s Out!” adventure. 🙂


When I’m not busy being a Wife, a Mom, and a Program Manager, I love cooking, photography, and camping.


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